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Speech Therapy Service

- Treatments and rehabilitation of:

  • Aphasia

  • Voice disturbances

  • Reading-writing disorders

  • Hearing disorders and prochlear implant

  • Swallowing problems

  • Pronunciation problems

  • Stammering


Prevention: with therapeutic and / or educational treatments designed to prevent or improve possible alterations or an existing deficiency in high-risk children. Treatment begins from birth with specific orientation to the parents, developing preventive programs through the parents for early stimulation, taking into account the criteria of Cerebral Plasticity.

Assessment: detect, assess and describe the disorders and altered linguistic behaviors to establish the most appropriate treatment for each child or adult.

Direct intervention: all actions aimed at developing communication skills. To establish, develop, recover or rehabilitate deficit, impaired or non-existent behaviors, both in language and speech and voice pathologies.

Indirect Intervention. This type of intervention is based on guidance through appropriate communication guidelines aimed at the family as an intervention agent. Another function of this area of intervention is to provide emotional support to the family. For this reason there must be a continuous interrelation between the different professionals that make up the multidisciplinary team and the people closest to the child.


The child begins to perceive the world

not just through his eyes

but through his speech.

Language is the tool of tools.


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