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I love my job. Currently, I am a Psychologist, University Professor and Founder of the Comprehensive Psychology Centre Animam in Palma and Sa Pobla (Mallorca). Life is like a learning path. In this sense, I have always enjoyed discovering new limits and surprised myself for the findings through life experience. My professional career through nurseries, schools, hospitals, universities, and psychology centers made me realise that children are the great life's masters. Not only did the children we see playing at the playground but also our inner child.

Victoria González Cantarero

It is by means of this therapeutic approach where we realise that our children came to teach us something about life. And, in turn, we are here to help them walk along this path called life, likewise, we ensure them peace and happiness all way long.

Whether you are feeling disheartened or something is not going well in your family or in case you have a child struggling emotionally or with learning, call me and I will be pleased to help you.

Check the services and specialties I offer.


All the best!
Victoria González
Psychologist, license number B-1981


P.S. I always look for the maximum quality and discretion in my services. 

Book your appointment at:

+34 644 377 809

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Appointment Change or Cancellation Policy

We inform you that any change or cancellation of appointment less than 24 hours in advance is a serious prejudice to the professional's consultation. These changes or cancellations make it impossible to reorganize the schedule, with the consequent damage to the professional and to other patients who have not been able to occupy that hour.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please make the date change or your cancellation as far in advance as possible in order to assign your time to someone else. The minimum time to make this change or cancellation will be 24 hours, otherwise we will be empowered to charge you the session time.

Be on time. Each hour is reserved for one person, so if there are delays we will not be able to attend to the full hour.

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