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Victoria González Cantarero

Col. B-1981 Psychologist

Expert in Learning Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & High Capacity

Specialized in Systemic Family Psychotherapy

Victoria González Cantarero


- Master in Systemic Psychotherapy: new methodologies for intervention, UPSAIB, 2015-17
- Diploma of Advanced Studies in Evolutionary and Educational Psychology, UAB, 2013
- University Expert in Higher Degree Teaching Techniques, UIB, 2010
- Master in Occupational Health: Safety at Work, UIB, 2009
- Diploma of Higher Specialized Studies in Communication Psychology: Social Interaction and Human Development, UAB, 2008
- Master in Human Resources Management and Direction, URL, 2007
- Psychomotricity Postgraduate. Psychomotor Education and Reeducation, Psychopraxis, 2005
- Degree in Psychology, URV, 2002


Psychologist and Founder: Animam · Integral Psychology - 2013-present

· Clinical and Educational Advice.
· Assessment, diagnosis and psychological treatment.
Child-youth area:

  • Specialist in Learning Disorders and ADHD.

  • Attention in High Capacities.

  • Behavioral disorders.

  • Emotional problems.

Adults Area:

  • Personal growth.

  • Emotional problems such as: Anxiety and Depression.

  • Relationship problems.

  • Family problems.

  • Accompaniment in the duel.

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