Victoria González | Clinical & Educational Psychologist

Specialist in Child-Youth Psychology and Systemic Family Psychotherapy

I love my job. Currently, I am a Psychologist, University Professor and Founder of the Comprehensive Psychology Centre Animam in Palma and Sa Pobla (Mallorca). Life is like a learning path. In this sense, I have always enjoyed discovering new limits and surprised myself for the findings through life experience. My professional career through nurseries, schools, hospitals, universities, and psychology centers made me realise that children are the great life's masters. Not only did the children we see playing at the playground but also our inner child.


It is by means of this therapeutic approach where we realise that our children came to teach us something about life. And, in turn, we are here to help them walk along this path called life, likewise, we ensure them peace and happiness all way long.


Whether you are feeling disheartened or something is not going well in your family or in case you have a child struggling emotionally or with learning, call me and I will be pleased to help you.


All the best!

Victoria González

Psychologist, license number B-1981




- Psychological counselling

- Diverse protocols of assessment for diagnosis:

- Dyslexia assessment protocol

- ADHD assessment protocol

- Giftedness assessment protocol

- A wide range of psychological and educational interventions:

- Booster groups

- Acceleration groups (G&T)

- Individual interventions adapted to the needs



P.S. I always look for the maximum quality and discretion in my services. 

Victoria González Cantarero
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